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Day 4 — Personal Update

So today was just Cardio Recovery for Insanity. I’m really tempted to go for a jog later, but considering tomorrow is the first day of Pure Cardio, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. At most, it’ll be like fifteen minute jog just to keep my muscles feeling loose, but chances are I won’t be jogging today.

As far as overall progress, I weighed in at 202.4 lbs this morning. Considering I weighed 205 on Sunday, I’m guessing it’s mainly just water weight. I should probably start taking measurements soon, but I’ve been too lazy to try to rummage through the house the figure out what the hell my mother has done with the measuring tape I bought.


Keep at it


Keep at it

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Day 2 — Personal

I went out for my first jog in months this morning and ended up stopping at just under a mile. Now I still have plyometric cardio circuit left, which is basically the entire workout today, since the run was a whopping 130-something calories.

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Source : theultimatehealthandvitality